We design beautiful interfaces for mobile, the web, and—most important—users.

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Design Beyond Visuals

We take pride in the way a project looks; but the way it works, feels, and is put together is what design means to us.

We work with companies to create amazing experiences for their users.




What started as our own concept has turned into a community focused app. We wanted a tool to answer the question, “I’m coming to town for a few days, what should I check out?” Curated is a local hot list of the places you really want to see in Denver - created by designers for the creative-minded traveler.

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Manning: Livebook


Manning: Livebook

Manning authors write technical books for developers, engineers, and web designers. We worked with them over several iterations to create an environment where a reader can engage with the author and others reading the same book. Content learning is the first priority, so features were all designed with that in mind.

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Velo City Cycles


Velo City Cycles

Getting outside and being active is important to us at Artletic. Cycling, being one of the best ways to do both, holds a special place for us. When we had the chance to work with professional cyclist Brad White and his wife, Jenny, on their new bike shop, we jumped at the opportunity.

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Our Team

  • Matt Crest

    Principal, Designer & UI Developer

    Matt Crest

    Wannabe architect turned designer. Bike lover and powder seeker. Midwest boy in a mountain man’s environment.

  • Ryan Byrd

    Designer & UI Developer

    Ryan Byrd

    Only dude in the South still rocking Birkenstocks post-94, Ryan calls Little Rock home with his wife and 3 children.

  • Melissa Liang

    Designer & UI Developer

    Melissa Liang

    Ping-pong champion and lifetime Disneyland passholder, Melissa lives in Southern California with her big, white German Shepherd, Tiger.

  • Phil Smith

    Designer & UI Developer

    Phil Smith

    Champion of veggies, the local, and the small. Connoisseur of quality. Glad: husband, father, outdoors, reading. #hammocktime ❧

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